Dissertations and Theses

Pictured above is the entrance gate to Harvard University. Dr. Hincher took this photograph on a warm spring day in Boston, near the end of the academic semester. What does it symbolize? If you're near the end of your graduate degree and are working on your thesis or dissertation, you may feel like you're standing outside of a gate. You're likely impatient for it to open, and perhaps worried it might not. Your thesis or dissertation is the seminal document of your degree program. It is your final official requirement, your unique contribution to the community of scholars you wish to join, and the crowning achievement which makes the letters after your last name possible. Having survived two graduate degrees, Dr. Hincher knows this feeling first-hand. Sadly, an overwhelmingly large percentage of doctoral students, nearly 60 percent in humanities disciplines, never make it through the gate. They finish their course work and comp exams but never finish writing and defending the dissertation. Instead of becoming doctors, they become statistics. Other candidates find themselves struggling with the unwieldy document and the panic-inducing stacks of research for five years or longer, delaying graduation and their careers. It doesn't have to be this way.

The process of researching and writing a book-length document, and working with committee members who will invariably find reasons to critique it, is frustrating and overwhelming. You will deal not only with your own findings, but with the personalities of your committee members. And the type of academic research required to obtain a master's degree or Ph.D. can be very lonely and isolating. Depending on your committee and the degree of support you have from peers, you may feel as if no one is truly there for you.

No matter what stage you occupy in this process, we can offer you the advice and assistance you need to achieve your graduate degree in a reasonable period of time. If you’re having trouble getting started, let’s talk. If you’re in the middle of writing and are experiencing burnout, let us get you back on track. If you’re frustrated with formatting, we can review the guidelines and make certain you’re following them. If the IRB process is slowing you down and driving you insane, let's discuss how to get through it. If you need help with establishing a schedule, proofreading, or advice about content, we're here. If your work is constantly returned to you for reasons you don't understand, we can help make sense of it. You can get to the other side of that gate, and you will.  Don't wait to ask for the help you need. Contact us today.