Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Hincher values honesty, trust and customer service. Find answers to many common questions below. If you don't see your question, Contact Dr. Hincher.

I live far away from you.  Can you still help me?

Absolutely!  I work with clients all over the country and all over the world.  Oftentimes, work can be done by e-mail and/or through telephone or Skype conversations.  In other circumstances, travel is necessary.  However, please be assured that there are no geographic limitations for my services.

I have a low GPA and/or haven't done so well in school.  Can you still help me get into college?

Without a doubt.  I am happy to help students who have struggled, academically or personally, but who are still committed to furthering their education.  Call or e-mail me, and we'll discuss your situation.

How much do you charge?  What payment methods do you accept?  Do you take credit cards?

I offer both hourly rates and fixed prices, depending on the services you need, and my goal is always to provide the highest possible value for my clients.  I can also offer payment plans for those who need them.  Because every client and situation is different, I prefer to discuss prices individually, so please contact me for a quote.  I do offer free telephone consultations, which usually last about half an hour, to determine what your needs are.  For your convenience, I do accept all credit cards -- any one you have in your wallet -- and I do not charge my clients extra fees for paying with a credit card.  I also accept cash and personal and business checks.

Will we have a contract?

Except in very limited circumstances, I will always present a contract to my clients.  This ensures that both parties understand the nature of the work to be performed and the expectations.  Contracts can be signed and sent to me via e-mail or fax.

When is the best time to begin thinking about college?

The short answer is now.  If you're asking this question, then it is the appropriate time to ask it.  If your child is nearing the end of middle school, and you just have a few questions, I can answer them.  If it's your senior year and you haven't done a thing yet, I can still help you.  Though any college consultant will tell you that you need to be thinking about grades and extracurricular activities from the moment you begin high school, most of the work in terms of the admissions process is performed during 11th and 12th grade.  It is also true that the earlier you contact me, the more help I can be.

How do you know what school is right for me?

The simple answer to this question is that I don't, until I get to know you.  I adopt a holistic approach when it comes to guiding students and families with the college and university selection process.  I care about more than just your grades and test scores.  The success of my work depends on knowing your hopes and dreams and the various aspects of your personality that make you well suited for a particular school.

I don't have time to visit all of the schools I applied to.  Can you visit schools for me?

Certainly, and in fact it is one of my most favorite parts of my job.  I am always happy to visit schools and talk with department and admissions personnel.

Do you offer assistance with standardized test preparation (SAT, ACT, GRE, and others)?

Yes, I do general preparation for standardized tests, and I also offer specific help with the verbal and essay sections.  For assistance with the mathematics portions of these exams, I can refer you to colleagues who specialize in that area.

You've been a great mentor to me.  Do you do life coaching?

I am always happy to talk with individuals about what's going in their lives and help in any way that I can, and so I do provide life coaching services to some extent.  If I feel that your concerns are beyond my expertise, I can refer you to psychologists, physicians, or holistic care providers.

I own a small business with a low budget for communications and/or advertising.  How can I benefit from your services?

I am happy to work with businesses of all sizes.  Communications consulting, especially for small businesses, does not have to cost a fortune.  I can design solutions that are cost-effective for you.

If I pay you enough money, can you guarantee that you can get my son or daughter into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, or another school of our choice?

Although I have a very high success rate, I cannot guarantee this, and I would advise any potential client to be wary of consultants who offer such a guarantee.  I believe in making an honest living, which is why I don't make false promises or mislead students and their families.  In the end, the decision to accept, waitlist, or turn down a student is solely in the hands of the admissions committee.  What I can guarantee is that I will work as hard as possible to present my client to the committee in a highly favorable light.

Can you write my essay for me?

Ethical and moral guidelines prohibit me from actually writing your academic or entrance essay for you.  What I can do is carefully edit your essays and make certain that you're communicating your ideas in the best way possible, preserving your own voice in the process. I can also help you with improving your writing skills.

I see that you offer to help with dissertations.  What was your dissertation topic?

My dissertation is entitled "Social Media and Freedom: Exploring Human Connections."  Due to confidential information contained in some chapters, the document is permanently embargoed and cannot be accessed via the internet.  However, I am happy to share portions of my dissertation with clients who are interested.