Are you finished with college or grad school and ready to go on the job market for the first time? Or are you a seasoned professional who is looking to advance or change jobs? Are you curious about how to market your skills for a different type of career entirely? In all of these cases, your résumé is the single most important document in your job search. Most employers admit that they spend less than 30 seconds reviewing a résumé, before deciding to contact you for an interview or moving the piece of paper you have sent them to the discard pile. This occurs even faster now that most résumés and CVs are read on computer screens. How do you make a favorable impression in such a limited period of time? The answers are many and varied, and Dr. Hincher is an experienced résumé writer. We work with individuals from all walks of life and in all types of jobs.  We can provide assistance with cover letters, targeted to the specific jobs that you want, and can offer search assistance, interview preparation advice, and current information about the viability and market status associated with the fields that are of interest to you. Contact us today for a no-obligation initial consultation.