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Professional Development

It's nearly impossible to help teachers do better unless you are a teacher. Understanding the classroom perspective and the issues that educators face every day is critical to providing effective assistance. Dr. Hincher began his career in education as a Language Arts instructor in a Title I school and has extensive experience not only as a K-12 educator, but also as a community college and university level instructor. He understands not only where students and teachers are, but also where they need to be. Dr. Hincher holds an M.A.T., which he earned in a border region of the U.S., populated with second language learners and afflicted with harsh economic conditions. This credential makes him particularly adept at addressing the concerns which are unique to those populations. If you feel that your school personnel could benefit from professional development, Dr. Hincher can help. He speaks to teachers on their level, because he is an educator himself. He delivers messages and content that are accessible, relevant, and practical, and which can effectively help your school or your district improve curriculum, decrease discipline problems, and increase test scores and overall student achievement. Though there are certainly common threads, every school has different needs. Contact us today to discuss yours.