Help with college admissions

Getting into college

Getting into graduate school

Help with master’s and Ph.D.

Dissertation help

Thesis help

Finding scholarships

Help with personal statements

Help for special needs children

Help for struggling students

Help for troubled students

Help with IEP

Editing help

Essay help

International students

Second language learners

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English tutoring

1.)   Can I get help with the college admissions process?

2.)  How do I find scholarships?

3.)  Can someone edit my personal statements?

4.)  Can someone write my personal statements?

5.)  Can someone edit my essay?

6.)  Can someone write my essay?

7.)  How do I get into graduate school?

8.)  How do I get into college?

9.)  How do I get into a master’s program?

10.)                  How do I get into a doctoral/Ph.D. program?

11.)                    How do I get help with my resume?

12.)                   Can I get help with my child’s IEP?

13.)                   Can I get help for my special needs child?

14.)                   Can I get help for my autistic child?

15.)                   Can I take someone with me to an IEP meeting?

16.)                   Why is the school not listening to me?

17.)                   Why is my child failing?

18.)                   What is wrong with my child?

19.)                   Can someone help me pass English class?

20.)                  Can someone help me understand English?

21.)                   How do I learn English as a second language?

22.)                  Can someone teach my teachers?

Choosing the right college

Choosing the right grad school


Writing help

Help with writing

Thesis statements

Writing anxiety

Can’t get started writing

Scared of writing

ABD (All But Dissertation)

IRB (Internal Review Board)

Comp Exams

1.)   How do I choose the right college?

2.)  How do I choose the right school?

3.)  How do I choose the right graduate school?

4.)  How do I get a college degree?

5.)  How do I transfer from a community college?

6.)  How do I fill out my FAFSA?

7.)  Can I transfer schools?

8.)  Can I transfer colleges?

9.)  Why can’t I write?