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"Brad helped get my daughter into school for her master's degree. He helped her a tremendous amount with her essays, and they offered her a full scholarship and a job on campus that pays for her living expenses. I am very appreciative."

"I have always disliked English, but Dr. Hincher changed my mind. He is, hands down, the best mentor I've ever had."

"Dr. Hincher saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars by obtaining scholarships for our son."

"He helped me find my voice for writing."

"Dr. Hincher explained things in a way that finally made sense. He makes a complicated process seem easy."

"My first year of college would have been a total waste if it hadn't been for Brad."

"He has truly helped me grow with my writing skills."

"Dr. Hincher clearly knows his stuff and always makes himself available when you have questions or need help."

"The college admissions process was so confusing for us. Dr. Hincher explained everything and relieved so much of our stress. It was well worth the money."

"My husband spent months trying to find a job in the Chicago area. We hired Brad to edit his outdated résumé, and he found a well-paying job almost immediately."

"No one else seemed to understand our kid's learning style, but Dr. Hincher was able to get through to her."

"I am an English language learner and needed help with so many things during my master's degree. On graduation day, I realized I had made it this far because of his help and efforts."